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Urban heat islands

Is your city so hot in the summer you can't go out in the streets until the sun sets, and even then the temperatures are really high? Is it swarming with mosquitoes that weren't there just a few years ago? If so, you live in an urban heat island. All the asphalt and dark surfaces absorb the sun's heat, and every machine in the city raises the temperature around it even more.
But don't worry! We can help. Watch our video or browse this website to find out how.

1. Air quality & Health effects

2. Temperature & Weather

3. Less biodiversity

4. Energy consumption

Protecting biodiversity is protecting people


Biodiversity is extremely important in ecosystem balance

Cooler temperatures

Trees help cool the air by evapotranspiration

Flood control

Vegetation buffers the effects of heavy rainfall and droughts

Mental health

Contact with nature has been shown to be vital for our health

Cleaner air

Trees and plants effectively absorb and capture pollutants

Pest control

Some species feed on pests and help keep their numbers in check

Who can help us?

Check out some species

True stories

Green roofs in Europe

Some beautiful examples of green roofs, living walls and parks around Europe.

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Bern Convention

The Bern Convention is an important treaty for the conservation of nature in Europe. It was established by the Council of Europe in 1982, and has been signed by 50 countries that are committed to protect both species and habitats. One of our main concerns is the fight against invasive alien species, which are an increasing threat to European biodiversity. We invite you to join the campaign, amplify its message and follow our news on social media!